House S03E15: Half-Wit

Amazon Prime Description: House encounters a brain-damaged musical prodigy with inexplicable abilities while the team faces serious concerns about House’s own health.

IMDb Page here.

I had wondered a few episodes ago if the odd One Day, One Room was supposed to be an overture to a larger half-season arc. Based on the last few episodes, it seems that what’s playing out over the rest of the season is not a narrative arc; but explorations of loneliness and human connection that don’t seem to lead from one to another. The characters are all, er, in character, it’s the narrative history that seems to be gleefully incorporating one implausible premise after another and then discarding it by the next episode; just to make a larger point.

I also wonder if the whole fake brain tumour in this episode is a nod to The Dying Detective from the original Holmes canon.

Watch date: 2019-09-24.


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