[Star Trek: Discovery] S02E03: Point of Light

Netflix link.

IMDb link.


  • The Tilly’s own Tilly that I found so endearing turned out to be a fungal parasite. Eek!
  • What a very full episode. There was a Klingon coup subplot, a Spock going insane subplot, Tilly’s parasite subplot, and of course the return of Emperor Georgiou. It felt like a first draft that was filmed as is, without fleshing out any of the subplots – I think this is the same complaint that the avclub reviewer has; and for that matter, I think Season 1 used to bounce between completely barebones, plot-advancement only, rapid fire episodes and slower, character development episodes; without finding a balance. It looks like the same problem is coming back for Season 2.
  • Cool Macbeth reference with Ash Tyler / Voq washing his hands. But also flipping Macbeth around considering it all happens before the murders (and the murders are on the other side).
  • Even though I’d seen Michelle Yeoh in the season promos, I was not expecting that reveal. Also, she seems more of a snarker in this season than a psychopath.
  • Since I had never seen enough of Deep Space Nine to develop either positive or negative feelings about Section 31, I am keen to see how things go. Friends who have seen DS9 are outraged at Section 31’s return.
  • The slightly half baked nature of all the subplotlines means that it’s impossible to tell if the fungal parasite is going to return or not. Since the whole question of why it wanted to meet Stamets was unanswered, I’m guessing not.
  • Who hasn’t the red angel met? At this point I’m beginning to suspect that the red angel is somebody from the future.



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