[Doctor Who] S03E01: Smith and Jones

Watch Date: 2019-02-05

IMDb link.

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  • Martha is pleasantly competent compared to Rose. I hadn’t realised until the comparison came up what a whiner / second-guesser Rose was.
  • So they explained the air; but not the gravity staying the same. Oh well.
  • Bullying police chase a fugitive and everyone gets caught in the crossfire was the situation in The Eleventh Hour (S05E01) as well; but oh my, that was so much more magnificent.
  • That said, the space rhinos were fun. And so was the Doctor talking the plasmavore into giving away the plan and also into drinking the Doctor and incriminating itself.
  • The threat to Earth barely registered compared to the threat to the people in the hospital.
  • Ah, the Doctor and Martha start off their travels by insulting each other. Thu ninajji to both of them.


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