[The Infinite Monkey Cage] Are humans still evolving?

Are humans still evolving?

28/01/2019 by BBC Radio 4

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=62629530
Episode: http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/5/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p06z088x.mp3

Are humans still evolving?

Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined by comedian and author David Baddiel, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics Aoife McLysaght, and geneticist and broadcaster Adam Rutherford to ask whether human beings are still evolving? Has the invention of modern medicine, and technology meant that survival of the fittest is a thing of the past or are humans evolving new adaptations that will help us cope and survive better in our ever changing world (better thumbs for texting anyone?). If evolution happens over 1000’s of years, could we even tell if we were evolving as a species, or have humans reached peak human?

Producer: Alexandra Feachem

Start Date: 2019-03-20

Finish Date: 2019-03-21


  • Hilarious jokes this episode, including:
    • Bonking Neanderthals being the motivation to build a time machine
    • “You have a nose”
    • “Do only women dolphins wear sponges because they are bothered about how they look?” “No, the men don’t wear sponges because they’re idiots.”
    • White supremacist mockery
  • In general, learning about “Sponging Eve” and the sponge-using dolphins of Australia was fascinating. This was the first IMC episode where I found that I’d learned something new; instead of being reminded of stuff I’d learned or read already but perhaps forgotten.

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