[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S02E06: Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?

Watch Date: 23 May 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix Summary:

Rebecca wants Paula to be part of her girl squad with Heather and Valencia. Meanwhile, Trent tries to infiltrate Rebecca’s guy friend group.


  • Ooh, Spice Girls pastiche!
  • As cringe comedy goes, this was much higher on cringe than comedy. The way Rebecca was overthinking what a friends group should be like as opposed to just chilling out and enjoying what was happening… sheesh.
  • Plus the whole Paula track felt a little bit like “How many escalating catastrophes can we cram into an episode?” A bit like the Dick Darlington escalations from Coupling.
  • By contrast, the Darryl and Maya subplot ended up being just as blunt and blatant and tell-not-show, but it felt more organic. Weird.
  • Somehow, no emotional punches landed that hard. Usually I need a palate cleanser after a CXG episode, but with this one I’ll be able to dive right back in.

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