[The Lit Pickers] Slim Pickings: Are there books you won’t go back to?

Slim Pickings: Are there books you won’t go back to? 19/11/21 by Maed in India, Supriya Nair, Deepanjana Pal, Mae Thomas, Mae Mariyam

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Episode: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/thelitpickers/TLP_S02_SP_Books_you_wont_read_again_For_Preview_Ver_2.mp3?dest-id=1995764

Welcome to a ‘slim pickings’ edition of Lit Pickers. In these short editions we answer some burning questions that have been asked by you, the reader, and joining us is the lovely Mae Thomas.

Admit it — there are some books that you absolutely do not want to revisit. It might be because you can’t go through the heartbreak of reading it again or because they were flat-out terrible. Or maybe you just outgrew them. Find out which books won’t be finding shelf space on our trio’s bookshelves and Kindles again.

You can find Supriya Nair at @supriyanair, Deepanjana Pal at @dpanjana and Mae Thomas at @maemariyam on Instagram.

This is a Maed In India Production; check us out at http://www.maedinindia.in.

Theme Music: Easy Wanderlings – Here’s to You

If you have any books, reading or literature-related questions, please email us at contact@maed.in. For a list of all the books mentioned in the season so far, check out: https://thelitpickers.fanlink.to/books

Listen date: 3 January 2021


  • No notes really. Deepanjana brought up Ayn Rand, Supriya brought up Jeffrey Archer, and then things took a dark turn when Mae changed tracked and brought up books she wouldn’t read again not because they were terrible but because they traumatised her.

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