[EconTalk] Nina Kraus on Hearing, Noise, and Of Sound Mind

Nina Kraus on Hearing, Noise, and Of Sound Mind 29/11/21 by EconTalk: Russ Roberts

Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/episode/131935756

Episode: https://cdn.simplecast.com/audio/6fdba516-8381-43b0-b29f-59d05512b693/episodes/a673cccf-d743-4a82-919d-c7260a156916/audio/44a96bc9-dcd7-4c11-aaf2-36220ce7fd84/default_tc.mp3?aid=rss_feed&feed=wgl4xEgL

We undervalue our sense of hearing and we under-appreciate the impact sweet sounds and disturbing noises have on our well-being. Neuroscientist Nina Kraus of Northwestern University talks about her book, Of Sound Mind. Kraus argues that our listening affects our minds and brains in ways we ignore at our peril.

Listen Date: about 11 January 2022


  • Although this was a topic dear to my heart, I learnt very little new, surprising, or challenging.
  • Bh and Ph come up in the discussion.

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