[Doctor Who] S02E12: Army of Ghosts and S02E13: Doomsday

Watch Date: Late November

IMDb link.

Oof. What to say about this season finale? It seems very much like it started out life as “What should we do for the season finale? What if we had Daleks and Cybermen?!”, but from that exasperating start, gets better eventually. We see the return of the parallel universe; and thereby of Rose’s dad and Mickey; we get to see everybody really, really redeemed, and Rose Tyler giving up on life with the Doctor to jump into a parallel universe and be with her dad instead. But most of all, we see the Torchwood storyline come to an end, thank the Lord, which will mean no more absurd name dropping every episode.

All in all, this was so very unsatisfying compared to the Eleventh Doctor finales.

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