[Doctor Who] S10E08: The Lie of the Land

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch Date: early February 2020

IMDb link.


  • This was a fun end to the three parter – at least, compared to the middle; but it also shows what a weak story it was overall.
  • I think watching the three parter in a binge meant that by the time I reached this, I was sleepy and completely missed out all the fake news and 1984 connections other reviewers were making. It was also an unpleasant reminder of all the panic in early 2017.
  • All right, so that’s Missy out of the vault. I now realise, this is exasperating – the three parter was setup, which in turn required its own setup in Oxygen. This is such a let down after the complex storytelling in earlier seasons.


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