[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S01E13: Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!

Watch Date: 28 March 2020

Watched on: Netflix

IMDb link.

Netflix summary:

Rebecca takes Josh’s case to court, where she faces off against her nemesis, Audra. Greg realizes he still has feelings for Rebecca.


  • I realised that I must be watching CXG after more than eighteen months, considering I’ve never blogged about it here.
  • And in those eighteen months, I’ve forgotten the specific details of the lead up to this episode – including just how that bizarre water pressure investigation came to be, and the specifics of Rebecca’s lying uptil now. Fortunately, it didn’t matter too much.
  • Heather was remarkably chill for someone realising that her boyfriend is still interested in somebody else. “I deserve better, but more importantly you need to go see her right now.” Dei.
  • Was the courthouse song supposed to be a Les Miserables / Do You Hear the People Sing tribute? This episode must predate the Hong Kong protests (which is how I know that Do You Hear the People Sing exists) by at least two years.
  • Somehow, I never really got into the C-plot of Darryl wanting to stay closeted and White Josh saying no deal.
  • I finally got to see JAP battle in context.
  • The whole Audra / Rebecca rivalry reminded me of the two prominent Jewish kids in American TV – Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years and the one from Freaks and Geeks. There’s no direct connection plotwise, it just sort of… came up?
  • The general vibe and reviews around CXG have me really keen to get to the denouement, three and a half seasons away, but, man, this show makes the long way there so rewarding.
  • So… is Crazy Ex Girlfriend the adult Ruby Oliver series? Neurotic character with a controlling mother learns to find happiness in herself rather than in a boy, possibly with the help of therapy?
  • Is this case going to come up again or not?
  • The cliffhanger didn’t feel all that cliffhangery to me. Oh well.
  • The Trent bits reminded me of those fairytalkes / folktales where the prince gets closer every night to the princess. Did the Frog Prince work on that basis?


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