[Doctor Who] S04E10: Midnight

Watch Date: 2019-05-18

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

IMDb link.


  • Hmmm, I don’t know. This gets some rave reviews in forums; but I thought the whole closed room / single set play was more of a gimmick than anything else. Was it done to do an episode on low budget?
  • I think the episode does point to another recurring theme in this season, though. The Doctor keeps refusing to kill or sacrifice his principles, but eventually the situation ends up getting resolved by somebody else making that difficult call. The mini Zuckerberg kamikaze-genocides the Sontarans in The Poison Sky so that the Doctor doesn’t have to; Agatha Christie (or was it Donna) throws the Firestone into the water in The Unicorn and the Wasp, and this time around the hostess does the murder-suicide to save the tour guests.
  • Maybe the bit about nobody knowing the hostess’s name is meta commentary on how fans don’t really pay attention to all the redshirt side characters who die or kill so that the Doctor needn’t?
  • Again, I think if this episode had come over as a book or short story I would have rolled my eyes at it being so cliched (and it seemed very much like a generic Star Trek alien consciousness posession plot). It’s David Tennant who takes it beyond the cliched plot – again.
  • I have some appreciation for how, for a change, the monster was left unnamed instead of pulling out something generic.
  • Rose Tyler again on a screen. Why Allah why?
  • Slightly amused at how the Doctor first brightly forces everyone to talk to each other, like that obnoxious Wifiless cafe sign; and then people talking is how the monster gains strength. And not that I’m a major fan of video entertainment, but this sort of forced talking instead of doing your own thing rings slightly hypocritical after three episodes in a row which talk about how great books are.
  • But it does have another layer in that the Doctor solves problems by talking, and in this episode, it’s how he creates a problem.


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