[Doctor Who] Easter 2009 Special: Planet of the Dead

IMDb link.

Watch Date: 2019-06-04

Watched on: Torrent download


  • This seemed detached, somehow, from the previous season. There was a token nod to the Doctor beginning to regret how he loses companions ™, plus prophecy at the end, but honestly the episode could have been written at any point, for any doctor, and it would have fit. Very generic. Maybe it’s one of those episodes adpated from existing novels. Not that I mind terribly, it feels nice to have a breather.
  • Lady Catherine de Souza was giving off a heavy Lara Croft vibe.
  • Was there a continuity goof between the bus license plate which the cop calls out at the beginning of the episode, and the one which we see at the end?
  • It was endearing to see UNIT being competent and in sync with the doctor instead of him sneering at them getting things wrong or being violent.
  • Somehow, this episode couldn’t manage to make metal armoured stingrays that devour entire planets scary. How like this?
  • A little disappointed that the gross aliens had to be eaten instead of surviving.
  • So far, this is my favourite one-off companion ™ to deserve a series of her own. But, Kylie ❤ anyhow.


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  1. […] Like Planet of the Dead, this seemed like a standard scifi adventure movie story that just got force fitted around the Doctor. Except not that force fitted, since it seems to have strong links to the rest of the mythos. But I do feel like this year of special episodes was a way for the writers to enjoy themselves with stories that didn’t have to fit an arc or theme too strongly. […]


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