[Doctor Who] S07E11: The Crimson Horror

Watch Date: 2019-09-06

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • This episode was full of the cheapest possible gags, ridiculous hamming, complete anachronism, and I still loved it. You can have a ridiculous story and the actors or execution can still make it both enjoyable and meaningful.
  • I used to say that about the David Tennant Doctor Who episodes, but that was more Tennant’s acting rescuing bad storylines, not ridiculous ones. I feel that The Crimson Horror is still a cool story at the heart of it, just one that relies a bit too much on running gags and being over-the-top to flesh itself out.
  • The chief running gag, of course, was the client fainting backwards every time he encounters an alien. And a little better then that was the ghoulish relish with which the undertaker (or coroner?) says “The Crimson Horror”; followed by the enthusiasm with which the Doctor joins in.
  • Lesbian lizard-woman Sherlock Holmes is fast becoming my favourite alternative Holmes.
  • A functioning rocket in Victorian England is the type of anachronism that I am down for.
  • I also liked that the monster ends up being from-the-dawn-of-time rather than from-the-outer-reaches-of-space.
  • One aspect in which this episode is a bit like the David Tennant ones is that the monster / villain meets a violent end at their own hand or at somebody else’s hand instead of the Doctor’s. So we get action without the Doctor getting his hands dirty.
  • The eugenics aspect of the villainous scheme doesn’t get that much focus – but maybe I just have higher expectations after reading McCloskey and listening to the EconTalk episode with Amy Tuteur. When the main aspect of the perfect race of survivors is that they’re good looking, the eugenicist seems more like a teen movie cheerleader than the precursor to Hitler. That was probably my only complaint with this episode, considering I thought that the cheesy groaners were fun.
  • Oho, we get Clara’s wards tumbling to her secret later on. New companions?


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